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Prices below may need to be adjusted depending on your variables. Time taken, size of project, type of project and how much revision is required all have an effect on the final price, but these examples are the basic price guides for the more common projects to give you a rough estimate. In all cases though, I can work to your budget and requirements no matter how small or large your project is. Some situations require more co-operation and more room to experiment (occasionally we really need to dig deep into research, development, design and testing) and some jobs are strictly defined by a set budget. I'd love to be your graphic designer, web designer, logo designer or digital illustrator. For a more accurate quote on your specific requirements, please contact me. Let's see what I can do for you today! 


Please note, quoted prices do not include printing charges.

LOGO DESIGN & BRANDING - graphic designer services


Basic Logo - From £100

A basic logo design for those on a tight budget, full colour in a variety of bitmap image formats (JPG, PNG). A simple design based on your current needs.

Full Logo - From £300

A full logo design, with a variety of mock-ups to choose from. I'll have a good look at your current company branding, your aims and where you need your vision to be in the future. I'll produce full colour & monochrome variations that work in any situation. I'll also include an iconic version of your logo (for online, favicon and app icons). The final design will be available in a variety of bitmap (JPG, PNG) & vector image formats (PDF, AI). The full cost will be dependent on how much research, experimentation, refinement and ultimately time is needed for the final logo. This is something you really want to get right, and with good communication and feedback I can deliver a logo to be proud of.


Animated Logo - From £100

Animated intro/outro version of your logo ready for all your future promotional and social media needs.

Full company branding - From £650

A deep dive into your company's history, culture, vision and future goals. Researching the competition and the desired outcomes, creating some early visions that might fit the brief, narrowing the options and producing a full set of traditional and digital assets that help to push your brand and your vision. A total visual revamp to refresh your company brand from the ground up. Everything, from your business cards, logo, window & vehicle graphics, printed & digital media. If I was running a salon, this is the full makeover!


Flyer - From £50

A simple flyer design with your company logo and any photos and text you require in a layout that meets your needs.​

Brochure - From £100

A fully designed brochure with text, image and illustrative elements in a complete layout. Prices will depend on the size and page number.​

Business Cards - £50

A clean, crisp and professional design based on your current company branding. New branding ​

Business Stationery  - £40

Incorporating your existing logo & branding into other business stationery (letterheads, forms, compliment slips etc.)​

Banners & Posters - From £100

Creating business and event banners based on your current company logo, text and corporate art.​


Basic Site Design - £200

A 1 to 5 page web site created using any current branding assets that you may have. Desktop and Mobile ready. Built in the WIX web editor giving you easy access to edit and add to the site later on in your own convenience. A very accessible format for clients to edit in the future.

Bespoke Site Design - From £300

A more involved 6+ page web site with extra detail and more visual assets. Visually, much more impactful. Desktop and Mobile ready. The overall size of the final site will impact the price. Smaller sites with fewer features follow with smaller costs.​

E-commerce Design - From £700

10+ pages and an integrated online store.​


Photo Shoot - From £40

A basic photo session or a longer involved shoot. From a few photos to a full catalogue.​

Photo Edit - From £40

Depending on the needs, a digital edit to add, subtract, enhance or adjust subject matter. Pricing based on the size of your editing needs.​

Video Edit - From £50

The price here is dependent on how long the edit needs to be and what will be in the edit (video footage, effects, text, animation etc.)​


Digital Illustration - From £40

Illustration depends on many factors such as the style, size and subject matter. Depending on your needs, the price will vary. Please get in touch to find out more. For a guide, my rough price is £25 an hour.​

Traditional Illustration - From £40

Sometimes a hand painted piece is the only way to go. Please do get in touch to find out more accurate prices for your needs.​

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