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Shape and Colour

Colour has always been an important part of my life. My own favourite colour is Yellow. It's always there to brighten up any painting I paint or any design I produce. It'll go with anything to add more warmth, positivity and fun. So yellow was always going to be in my company logo. Always had to be really.

Blue on the other hand is more serious, more business, altogether more grown up, so having it in my logo would balance out the fun loving yellow. Blue and yellow. They seemed a good colour combination. Something to appeal to the two political ideologies slugging it out in Scotland at the moment.

But what font and design to go with though?

This was the first try. It worked at first. It was giving off a more traditional, serious and trusted vibe, but it turned out to be less flexible, less modern and not too cutting edge.

I needed something more vanilla that would work in any situation I threw it at. I also needed a small visual iconic version that could act as an app icon, favicon or bullet point.

Keeping some of the tradition was possible by adopting a deer silhouette. Every walk I go on these days, I see a deer. They're everywhere and still play their magic on me. I find they're not too far removed from the Unicorn, the national animal of Scotland. There's certainly something mystical about them.

The typeface in the new logo is in the Monserrat family of fonts. Clean, easy to read at all scales and flexible with a few weights and variations.

Also, playing with the font weights and colour to highlight the 'MORE' in Strathmore. Clearly, with Strathmore design, you get more :)

So, the final design had to work horizontally, square, full colour, monochrome and just in it's non-text iconic form too. Hopefully this new logo ticks all the functionality boxes while also being pleasing to the eye.

Hopefully it'll inspire me to go forward and push both my fun loving yellow creativity and my serious blue business side. Definitely need to channel more of that blue!

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